Learning Biochemistry through Chemical Lens: Designing Rationale-driven STEM Laboratory Course

Biochemistry and chemistry are often compartmentalized making it difficult for the students to discern how the principles/concepts learnt in chemistry augment their understanding in biochemistry and recognize the uniting connection.

We designed a laboratory course titled ‘Macromolecules’ to address the issue with a two-fold strategy: (i) Designing individual experiments that focus on common cell biology/biochemistry techniques designed to zoom into the background chemistry so that students better correlate the microscale and macroscale events.

(ii) The individual experiments lead into a final experiment. The goal of this design was to expose students to rationale-driven design approach and train them to appreciate the big picture without ignoring the important details.

We then discuss the exercises used to meet the above goal and the proposed assessment and feedback strategies to evaluate student learning.

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4:00pm to 5:30pm

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