Self-Directed Learning Readiness among Nepalese Graduate Students

Self-directed learning (SDL) is a process of dealing with what to learn, to what depth and breadth, on learners’ control and responsibility. SDL can be employed to develop domain specific knowledge as well as helpful to transfer the conceptual skills to new learning situations. In recent years, the massive escalating proliferation of information and technology in human life can be seen in every field of world activities including forest science education, so the emergency is need fully felt to train new graduates for SDL. This study aims to measure the readiness for SDL among the second year forest science M.Sc. students. By employing the Self-Directed Learning Readiness Scale (SDLRS), an instrument developed by Lucy M. Guglielmino during her PhD research, the readiness for SDL was measured among 120 (60+60) students at Hetauda Forestry Campus, affiliated with Forestry and Agriculture University (FAU), and Pokhara Forestry Campus affiliated with Tribhuvan University respectively.

Observed mean score was 235. The total score lower than 201, in between 202-226 and higher than 227 indicates below average, average and above average readiness for SDL. 75% students scored more than 201. So, most of the graduate students of forest science program are ready for self-directed learning. Also, the mean scores were not significantly different among the self-financing and the scholarship students as well as their sex. The second year graduate students of forest science program had a high degree of readiness for self-directed learning. It can be used to predict the students’ success in the entire forestry program. The similar studies can be done in other technical education programs to predict the program success rate of students at the beginning of the programs. The more study is required in technical programs to compare and contrast.

Key Words: Self-directed learning readiness scale (SDLRS), self-directed learning, adult learning, forest science program.

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